Ausable-Area Fly/Hatch Info

This chart was compiled from various sources including the Mid-Atlantic Fly Fishing Guide, Luis Nasim, Jones Outfitters of Lake Placid, my own experience, and that of various contributing FF@ers. It's not quite a hatch chart, not quite a comprehensive list of flies you should have in your box, just some suggestions for being conclave-ready. Use at your own risk, in other words. Personally, my strategy is to show up with whatever flies I happen to have in my boxes. I usually have a few searching/attractor patterns and I usually have some traditional Catskill-style patterns for the spring hatches. Usuals work. I usually have some caddis imitations. I get by. I've had days when the fish wanted just the right number of CDC fibers on a #24 caddis emerger, and I've had days when the fish were taking Royal UnUsuals. Go figure. If you're looking for wisdom, I can't help much. Mostly these days I use a #16 black and yellow Chernobyl Ant for just about everything.

One thing to be aware of if you've never fished the Ausable: it's really 2 different rivers. The smooth water closer to Lake Placid offers the more classic hatch-matching environment with the full spectrum of normal northeast mayfly and caddis hatches. As the river flows into the Wilmington Notch it becomes rugged, fast pocket water which calls for the bigger attractor patterns, stoneflies, and such.

Insect/Fly Size Dates
Early Dark Stone 16 Sporadic
Caddis (various) 14-20 All month
Hendrickson 12-14 Early/mid May
Red Quill 12-14 Early/mid May
Rusty Spinner 10-14 Early/mid May
March Brown/Grey Fox 10-12 Mid/late May
Usual, Haystack12-16 Anytime
Hornberg 10-12 Anytime
Gray Ghost 10-12 Anytime
Stonefly Nymphs 8-12 Anytime
Wooly Bugger 10 Just say "no"
Worms (For Bill Barnard) 1"-2" Anytime

Insect/Fly Size Dates
March Brown/Grey Fox 10-12 Early June
Caddis (various) 14-20 All Month
Light Cahill 14-16 All Month
Green Drakes 8-10 Mid/late June
Orange Stonefly 8-10 Mid/late June
Yellow Sally 16 Mid/late June

Refinements to this list are always welcome. Please let me know if you have some data for me.

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