Black Fly Primer

Black flies in the Adirondacks are at their worst in the springtime. Moist, warm weather brings them out, and when the hatch is on thick they can be hard to tolerate. Of course the Lake Placid Conclave is held during black fly season, so it helps to be prepared. Some days we'll be lucky: cool, overcast, breezy, and/or rainy days will keep the fly levels tolerable. Hot, dry days will keep them down. It's worth noting that at the last few LP Claves the flies weren't much of an issue. They don't call me "Rainmaker" for nothing....

In any case, here are a few tips that will help. They may not help everyone, and some may disagree with a few. None of these tips are a magic bullet for fighting black flies. They are part of a successful strategy for dealing with them, and employing several of them simultaneously will help.

Wanna learn a bit of black fly biology?

If you have research that debunks or supports the above comments and want to share it with me, please send me some

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