NEC 2017 Activities

The FF@ Flotilla:

On any given Clave day, a hardy gang of float tubers, kayakers, pontooners, canoers, and/or spectators might launch their craft upon a local pond to scare otherwise-willing fish into submission. We'll decide which pond to assault after we get a current condition report, but we do know that this year's flotilla will likely be held at a pond with drive-up access -- more and more it seems, we're packing pontoon boats and canoes instead of more portable float tubes, so access is an important consideration. Well, that and we're all getting older.

By clavetime I will (try to) have arranged for a spare float tube or two to be available in case any flotation-impaired conclavers would like to join us. Meanwhile, plans for the flotilla will develop as the clave goes on. I'll try to keep abreast of any flotilla plans, so check with me if you're interested and I'll at least point you to the conspirators for more information.

The Annual Wild Bill Morris Non-Invitational Golf Tournament

Sometime either Thursday or Friday morning a band of poorly-attired (except Mel) fisherbeings will tee off at the local muni. We will determine the day based on forecast and on when the participants arrive in camp. Anyway: if you enjoy a respite from fishing and don't golf too well, feel free to join us! Specific details will be worked out at the campground, so keep your ears on and talk to me that week if you're interested.

Friday and Saturday Night Pot Luck Dinner Parties

The traditional feasts will commence late in the day somewhere in or near the main tarp. Bring food to share if you're so inclined, but at least bring an appetite. Paper plates, plasticware, napkins, and drinking cups will be provided for those who need them.

Unless I am forced to deal with one by popular demand, there will be no general raffle at this year's NEC. We'll do the vessel transfer, at least, don't worry.

For more info see the NEC FAQ.

Stay tuned for more activities, and by all means let me know if you have a suggestion for one.

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