NEC8 - Wilmington NY

These photos are provided courtesy of Brenda and Blair Sharpe:

Kim Boal, The Owl, Splinta, Dick Eppinger,
and Howard hold down the Fish Barrel

Chili Cookoff Judges Dupuis, Werner, Sharpe, and Macedo in various
stages of distress, wonderment, and bribe solicitation

Slum dwellers Morris, Knight, and Whites prepare for the big hoedown

Lined up at the Cast-a-thon. Note Claude's summer attire.

A Huddle of Canuks?

This sequence needs explanation...

At NEC8 Wendy White presented me with an atrocious dry fly, she called it the wooly bugger dry fly. Here's a quick-and-dirty scan of it:

Hey, it floated!

Anyhow....20 or so conclavers gathered at what was renamed the Conclave Circus Pool that morning, and each took turns casting to various fishies while the crowd of hecklers looked on. The recently-stocked trout proved quite selective, and many folks (like, um, Sheldon) resorted to sensible patterns for picky trout with at least marginal success.

But I had Wendy's wooly bugger dry fly in my possession, and picky trout be damned! I tied that big, fuzzy thing on, dusted it with floatant, and WHAM! Wendy took the next two shots of me playing and landing the poor victim of her fly-tying misadventure:

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